Hello! :D Thanks for stopping by! I guess this is where I tell you guys about myself... So my name is Eve, I'm eighteen, and I'm a little awkward so I apologize in advance for that. That's pretty much it. And really, it would be pointless to tell you my fandoms because I reblog literally everything from baby animal pictures to Shingeki no Kyojin. I kind of like everything.
Also, I really like writing fanfiction :3
Also-2, I'm a shameless Eremin and Style (Stan and Kyle) shipper
Also-3, the Yogscast is very important to me.
And, finally, The Room is my favorite movie and I am not ashamed.

Sometimes I forget that Facebook isn’t tumblr
Like I’ll see a video and I’ll think, “gee willakers, my followers would love this!” But then I go to reblog it and get really confused for a second when I see “share” instead
Somehow “share” sounds a lot less appealing than “reblog”