Hello! :D Thanks for stopping by! I guess this is where I tell you guys about myself... So my name is Eve, I'm eighteen, and I'm a little awkward so I apologize in advance for that. That's pretty much it. And really, it would be pointless to tell you my fandoms because I reblog literally everything from baby animal pictures to Shingeki no Kyojin. I kind of like everything.
Also, I really like writing fanfiction :3
Also-2, I'm a shameless Eremin and Style (Stan and Kyle) shipper
Also-3, the Yogscast is very important to me.
And, finally, The Room is my favorite movie and I am not ashamed.
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how can peach and mario just like casually play tennis with the giant dinosaur turtle monster who is always threatening both of their lives? they all just set aside their pasts to have a good old game of tennis? also did bowser raise bowser jr. himself? is bowser a good father?

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once in kindergarten a girl asked me to write “super girl” on her arm since i was the only kid who could write so i wrote “shit” on her arm and i hid under the table for like 30 minutes then the teacher found me and yelled at me then called my parents and my dad laughed so hard he cried